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BREA, CALIF. – JUNE 18, 2010 – MTSI, Inc.®, a leading IT and business solutions provider, today announced that it launched a new CRM OD Accelerate Solution offering a bundled, integrated hardware and software product designed specifically for the travel and transportation industries, effective June 18, 2010. MTSI's CRM OnDEMAND Accelerate is now being offered on a nationwide basis in the United States and Canada. CRM OnDEMAND Accelerate delivers bundles of applications, with Oracle CRM OD as the base platform, that provide rapid implementation tools, with implementation services that deliver faster time to value and minimized risk through quick, "managed" fixed-cost implementations, expanded flexibility, of existing technology, and solutions designed/configured to optimize continuity, security, and efficiency while meeting industry requirements.

Balasubramani Ganesh, MTSI president, comments, "MTSI is very pleased to announce the CRM OnDEMAND Accelerate to our product and services offering." "CRM OnDEMAND Accelerate offers complete hardware, software and services that allow our travel and transportation customers to effectively manage and grow their business. Providing a scalable, affordable solution that customers can instantly use our solution without sacrificing flexibility or functionality." He continued, "Already proven, CRM OnDEMAND Accelerate for the Travel and Transportation Industry, helped one customer achieve a 40 percent gain in revenues within eight weeks following the application deployment by maintaining and executing its rental contracts within the Oracle CRM OnDemand application." Balasubramani concluded. 

MTSI has integrated a global tracking device into Oracle CRM OnDemand that allows car rental companies to manage the life cycle of the vehicle contract.  If the vehicle is out of compliance, isn't returned on time or is stolen, this integration also allows the rental company to locate the vehicle and even shut off the ignition of the vehicle, rendering it disabled.  Since theft among transportation companies is on the rise, the logistics and profit and loss of the fleet is adversely impacted.

CRM OnDEMAND Accelerate, integrated with Oracle CRM OnDemand, allows transportation companies to locate and investigate regions where theft is occurring most, and allowing them to implement the necessary steps to stop the shrinkage through better management of their carrier global operations.

This integration of CRM OnDEMAND Accelerate with Oracle CRM OnDemand effectively enables companies in the travel and transportation business to quickly and easily track theft, over-extended contracts, maintenance and repair data, and management of contracts to meet State and Federal requirements. Additionally, the built in Analytics tools present graphical view on revenue and costs, drive time of vehicles within the contract terms and across state lines, and mileage overage.


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