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BREA, Calif. – March 4, 2009 – MTSI, Inc.®, a leading IT and business solutions provider, today announced the Phase I completion of an Oracle CRM On Demand application implementation for Elixir Industries, a major steel and aluminum extrusion fabricator and leading supplier of component parts to a myriad of industries, effective February 18, 2009.

The Phase I launch was completed in about six weeks. All configuration, knowledge transfer and implementation project collaboration for the Oracle CRM On Demand system included three Elixir business divisions; Phase II will expand the implementation through the remaining Elixir divisions, planned for later this year.

“To meet the ever-changing challenges of customer interaction and lead processing, Elixir wanted an improved business process solution that was easy to use and yet flexible enough for a phased implementation into our sales cycle,” said Bob Powers, Elixir national accounts coordinator. “The Oracle CRM On Demand provides instant point-of-control and visibility into all areas of our sales cycle, allowing us to plan and anticipate much more efficiently,” Mr. Powers added.

Ganesh Balasubramani, president of MTSI,  states, “As a result of the collaborative effort between the MTSI and Elixir teams, the Phase I implementation went very smoothly and quickly. The carefully phased knowledge transfer accelerated ownership to the Elixir team and made the six-week implementation possible.   In the current economy, where customer acquisition and retention is so critical, Elixir now has a tool that is expected to considerably reduce the cost of acquisitions. MTSI is looking forward to beginning the Phase II of the implementation in the near future.”

About Elixir:
Elixir Industries is the nation's largest independent steel fabricator and aluminum extrusion supplier to several vastly different industries, with twelve operating divisions throughout the US. Elixir’s aluminum extrusion division serves the construction, transportation, machinery and equipment, electrical,  consumer  durables,  and recreational markets with linear and fabricated components. Since the company's founding in 1948, Elixir's products include: metal roofing and siding, entrance and utility doors, roof vents and domes, frame parts, putty tape, sealants, a variety of steel fabrication and aluminum extrusions. Elixir products are sold to OEMs and several manufacturers in key industries. Select products are available through Elixir’s distribution network. For more information call 800-421-1942 or visit

About MTSI, Inc.

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