Flexible Deployment Options

Companies of all sizes utilize CRM technology to better meet their customers’ needs. As CRM initiatives have expanded across regions, functions, channels and markets, CRM vendors have introduced a variety of deployment options including:

  • Web hosted
  • Private hosted
  • On premise
  • Any combination

Selecting the Correct CRM Deployment Option is Critical to Your Organization’s Success

Below are key insights to consider when selecting a deployment option including:
  • Functional requirements
  • Deployment timeframe
  • IT Resources needed
  • Budget requirements
  • Outsourcing attitudes

Competing in today’s market requires that you separate your company from the crowd.  More organizations are turning to CRM as a means of driving corporate performance. Technology is an enabler of CRM. And an effective and complete CRM strategy should include:

Effective customer segmentation. Companies must have a total customer view and divide their customer populations into discrete groups that share similar characteristics.

Integrated multi-channel strategy. Organizations need to synchronize their channels and balance the cost of each channel against other factors, including value to the customer, the customer’s preferences, and each channel’s profit potential.
Well-defined business processes. Organizations must ensure that business processes are clearly defined and are based on customers’ perspectives and needs.

The right skill sets and mindset. Organizations must carefully manage change and provide the right training and incentives to bring about the desired behaviors.

The right technology.

Organizations require technology that provides a single view of customer information:

  • Across all customer touch points
  • Addresses specific industry requirements
  • Works seamlessly with other technologies
  • Supports multiple devices
  • Scales easily
  • Provides support for global operations

Remember that business strategy and technology strategy are co-dependent. Companies that think they can implement CRM capabilities based only on technology will fail. Those that take a more holistic approach can achieve the greatest success in driving greater customer satisfaction, and ultimately, shareholder value.

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